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The reason I love television so much is not only the great acting and the cute boys, it's the writing. I cannot get enough of the amazing writing that I hear on my favorite shows every week. Unfortunately, I've never found a great site that has lots of quotes from each episode for all of my shows. I thought, hey, why not, I could do that. So, when I have the free time, which is not as often as one would hope, I will be updating this journal with quotes from my favorite shows. I will enter the quotes by episode and the episodes will each be entered in a separate post. The episodes will also go in chronological order. I may, however, skip around from show to show depending on what mood I'm in at the time. As always, if I find a new show I like, I will be adding quotes from it as well. I will use tags to keep track of the shows and entries, hopefully making it easier for you guys to find what you're looking for. If I have missed what you think is an important quote from one of the episodes, please comment with it and I will add it to the entry. My goal is to have a fairly complete reference of television quotes for as many shows as possible. If anyone has any suggestions or helpful hints, I would love to hear from you. Hope you enjoy my new obsession!



Hot For Words: TV Quotes by Episode

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